Small-Molecule SB216763 CAS 280744-09-4

SB216763 is a cell-permeable ATP-competitive inhibitor of glycogen synthase kinase 3α (GSK3α, IC₅₀ = 34 nM) and GSK3β isozymes (Coghlan et al.)


CAS 280744-09-4



SB 216763




MF C19H12Cl2N2O2

MW 371.22

Application Research Purpose

SB216763 is a small molecular compound that can enhance the remyelination of peripheral nerves by inhibiting glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK3β). GSK-3β inhibitor stimulates myelin gene expression and restores the myelin structure. Herein, we presented the effect of integrating small gap tubulization with SB216763-loaded microspheres by using a chitosan conduit. In vitro, SB216763 could promote neurite growth of dorsal root ganglia. In vivo studies showed that SB216763 increased the number of myelinated axons and the thickness of myelin sheaths. Electrophysiological examination and sciatic functional index results also indirectly indicated the role of SB216763 in repairing peripheral nerve injury. SB216763 promoted the recovery of muscle function. Therefore, combining SB216763-loaded PLGA microspheres with conduit small gap tubulization shows potential for applications in repairing peripheral nerve injury.