KPT-330 ATG-010 CAS 1393477-72-9 Selinexor


Selinexor (KPT-330, ATG-010) is an orally bioavailable selective CRM1 inhibitor.

Molecular Weight 443.31
Formula C17H11F6N7O
CAS No. 1393477-72-9
Storage  powder
 in solvent
Synonyms ATG-010
Smiles C1=CN=C(C=N1)NNC(=O)C=CN2C=NC(=N2)C3=CC(=CC(=C3)C(F)(F)F)C(F)(F)F
As the clinical candidate analog of KPT-185, KPT-330 exhibits similar effects on the viability of T-ALL cells and elicits rapid apoptotic response. KPT-330 also reduces cell growth in MOLT-4, Jurkat, HBP-ALL, KOPTK-1, SKW-3, and DND-41 cell lines, with IC50 values of 34-203 nM
Weight 1 g